OSH reborn (sort of); 7 new stores set to open in South Bay

Orchard Supply Hardware is making somewhat of a comeback. A new store, Outdoor Supply Hardware will take over seven of their former locations and they're hoping to recreate the appeal of the original.

There's not much left of Orchard Supply Hardware: just some empty storefronts, a historic sign that's being restored and an old boxcar on display through History San Jose.

But for those who grew up in San Jose, OSH was part of their shared history.

Started by a group of farmers in San Jose during the depression, it always kept that hometown feeling even as the company grew.

"That's something that really resonates with the community is Orchard Supply Hardware was part of the landscape for 80 years," said Ken Middlebrook with History San Jose. 

The stores were eventually sold to Lowes, and then shuttered in late 2018.

But now, "OSH" may be making a comeback.

The Central Network Retail Group has announced they're opening seven stores in California, all at former Orchard Supply Hardware locations.

The new stores will be called "Outdoor Supply Hardware" and aim to offer many of the same products and services as the old stores.

"These stores have meant so much to these communities over the years and we are excited to bring them back to life," Company President John Sieggreen said. 

Shoppers are excited too.

Tracy Courtemanche used to shop there. She says, "Once Home Depot came along, we tried to go there the other day and couldn't get any help. So yeah, the small Orchard was much better."

"I like to shop locally and keep it small. I like family style," said Jamolle Courtemanche, who runs Green Earth Construction.

The company has been tight lipped about which seven locations they've chosen and they haven't said whether San Jose is on their list.

Sources say they've been looking at locations around the Bay Area. 

Locals just hope that along with the stores, they also bring back their familiar brand of customer service.

The new Outdoor Supply Hardware will be hiring staff and stocking merchandise over the next several months, with the hopes of being ready to open by September.