Police identify additional suspect in Sacramento shooting

Mtula Payton has been identified as an additional suspect in the downtown Sacramento shooting that left six dead earlier this month.

Sacramento police have identified an additional suspect in a mass shooting where the suspects are alleged to have street-gang affiliations

Police on Tuesday named Mtula Payton as one of five potential shooters involved in the K Street incident earlier this month. 

Six people were killed and 12 were wounded when more than 100 shots rang out on downtown area streets in the early morning hours Sunday, April 3. Police said the shooting stemmed from an altercation between two groups of men. 

Payton, 27, is wanted on multiple felony warrants including domestic violence and gun charges, police said in a press release. His whereabouts are unknown and police said they've exhausted all leads. 

Only one gun was recovered from the crime scene, police said. All others were removed before law enforcement arrived. 

Police said evidence indicates Payton, Smiley Martin and Dandrae Martin were among the shooters. Both Martin brothers were arrested. Smiley, the elder of the brothers, was hospitalized with gunshot wounds. 

A third suspect, Daviyonne Dawson, 31, was arrested for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. He was later released from custody after posting $500,000 bail. Police said the gun he was in possession of was not believed to be used in the crime. 

As police continue to investigate this case, they said that different and additional charges may apply, pending review by the Sacramento County District Attorney's office. 

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"Our goal is to conduct as thorough an investigation as possible, so that the District Attorney has all the information she needs to present cases that will bring justice to the families of the victims and our entire community," said Chief of Police Kathy Lester. "The investigation has moved very quickly in this first week, and it will continue until we can present prosecutors and the public with a complete picture of this terrible crime."