Popular DJ and father of 4 shot and killed in Oakland

Twenty-seven-year-old Kendall Segers was killed Sunday in Oakland, leaving behind four children and friends and family grieving the popular DJ everyone knew as Pnut.

His friends and family said he was an innocent bystander standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

On Tuesday night, family and friends spoke about Segers with smiles and tears at Taco Tuesday at Everything but Hugs and Kisses, a restaurant in downtown Oakland, where Segers would have been performing. 

Instead, his loved ones are holding a fundraiser to help the young children he left behind, ages 4 months to 5 years old. 

Blanca Aguilar, the mother of two of his children, said he was a devoted father.

"Two of the four babies didn't even make it to their first birthday with their father and that is so heartbreaking," said Aguilar. 

Family members said shortly before 2:30 a.m., Segers was buying food at a corner taqueria on 14th Street after a night out with friends.  Suddenly, someone fired several shots.

One bullet struck Segers in the back.

Loved ones said he was not the intended target and they said he was then hit by a driver unrelated to the shooting. He was one of four people to die between Friday and Monday in eight separate shootings in Oakland. 

Police said they are still investigating the circumstances of the incident. 


4 die in 8 Oakland shootings since Friday

Four people died in eight shootings in Oakland between Friday night and Monday afternoon.

"The bullet went through his back and pierced his lung and heart and then he got run over," his mother Kelli Segers said of her only child. "You're taking away a mother's child, for what?"

A friend shared a video on social media which showed Segers talking and helping the homeless in Los Angeles. Loved ones said he helped anyone in need in Oakland and other places. 

He was known for his generosity. 

Cousin Mari Manning said they were both raised by single moms and graduated from Cal State East Bay together.  

"He's the one who's supposed to walk me down the isle when I get married, " said Manning through tears. 

Fellow DJ and friend Michael Melson said he taught Segers how to DJ and that Segers honed his skills on Taco Tuesday.  

"We did this every Tuesday together man," said Melson. 

Melson said Segers was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles for a DJ gig the morning he was killed. 

His dream was to perform all over the country and world. 

His mother said she'll need a large venue to hold his memorial service because there is so much love for him in the community.

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