Pride festivities include Dyke March through San Francisco

Motorcycles cruised past Dolores Park in San Francisco Saturday, leading the Dyke March. The annual event has been part of Pride SF for 31 years. 

"We just like to start off the parade. It's really exciting to go down the street," said Diane Pfile. 

Pfile was with the Soul Fire Motorcycle Club out of the East Bay

"Women are strong, women are powerful, and we can ride bikes," said Pfile. 

The Dyke March started on 18th and Dolores Streets and weaved through the Mission and up Market Street. This is a volunteer-run event. 


"I have been riding with Dykes on Bikes for 40 years - since the beginning," said Blaise Fortunata. "It’s a political statement as well as a celebration. And this year more than ever with the one-year anniversary of Roe v Wade."

Fortunata called the event a protest against the status quo. She said trans people are being persecuted and wanted to be here to show unity and support. 

"We can’t be complacent. We want to show what we are about here and if we can have a good time, that’s a bonus."