Program teaches homeless girls how to code

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A one of a kind program is teaching homeless girls, and girls who are at risk of becoming homeless, how to code. 

The group meets once a week for two hour classes. 

Deborah Hughes, CEO of Brookview House, tells KTVU the program was started in 2014 "because we believe in the possibilities for our girls." Hughes said they heard there was a lack of women in the tech field. Since the tech industry continues to grow, they believed teaching the girls how to code would help set them up for success.

Most of the girls in the program don't have access to computers at home. The 15 girls, who range in ages from 13 to 18, come to the classes once a week. 

The classes are taught by volunteers who work in the local tech industry. 

Hughes said at first many of the girls didn't want to work in the group and they were very quiet. 

Now, the girls have formed a sisterhood and look forward to the weekly classes. 

Hughes said she has noticed they have become much more confident since they began the courses. "They are amazing girls. They are ready and willing to change their lives," said Hughes.

Hughes says many of the girls in the program now have their sights set on college.