Protesters interrupt CEO's keynote address at Dreamforce conference

San Francisco's biggest convention got underway with a keynote address from the co-CEOs of Salesforce.

First Ketih Block and then Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff. "As we've traveled the world, and as we've spoken to all of you there is one word that continues to come up over and over again," said Benioff.." And it is the word that we are all anchored to today, and at this conference and it is 'together.'"

But Dreamforce 2019 wasn't without some controversy. Protesters interrupted Benioff's address repeatedly.

The Salesforce's co-founder gave them time to make their point before having them escorted out.

Immigrant rights activists rallied outside the conference, saying Salesforce provides technology to Customs and  Border Protection.

"Customs and Border Patrol is using that technology to track people and they're using that to detain people," said Daren Garshelis from Bay Resistance.

Inside, Salesforce leaders highlighted inclusivity as one of their core principals.

Navy veteran Sheldon Simmons took the stage and said his post-military job hunt was floundering until he got training on how to use Salesforce.

He's now a tech consultant for the company PolSource.

"Veterans are just coming out. They might not have those skills to compete in the workforce," said Simmons. "But Salesforce kind of accelerates you because, hey if you learn the platform and you do well, you'll be rewarded for that."

On the convention floor, Marilyn Adan said her company, Synopsis, switched to using Salesforce software and Dreamforce is an opportunity to learn and share best practices.

"And the thing I like about it is because there are different businesses that use the platform they essentially want to solve the same value proposition and the same kind of businesses problems that we have as well," said Adan.

"That's why it's a really cool conference."

Dreamforce 2019 runs through the week, with the bulk of the conventioneers set to leave Friday, right before the Thanksgiving holiday.

San Francisco International Airport is anticipating its busiest day ever.