Question of the Day: How often do you change your passwords?

As Time points out, it's been a banner year for hacks, from Equifax's totally avoidable breach to Yahoo's eventual admission that all three billion accounts were compromised.

SplashData ran an analysis of some five million leaked passwords to come up with its list of the 100 most used, and, therefore, "Worst Passwords of the Year." Lifehacker reports that SplashData projects that 1 in 10 computer users have used at least of the passwords on the list. Many are frequent offenders, and will come as no surprise. The top 5 is, as you might expect: 123456, Password, 12345678, qwerty, and 12345. But some that make the list are seemingly more random or quirky.

We've flagged 20 such entries, and note their rank on the list. Read more here and take our poll.