San Francisco, West Contra Costa school districts temporarily avoid teacher strikes

San Francisco and West Contra Costa school districts have both reached tentative agreements with their teachers, according to officials.

San Francisco teachers are expected to vote this week on an agreement that includes a $4,000 bonus and pay raise for substitute teachers.

District officials said the bonus will come in two separate payments, one in June and the other in November.

The agreement also suspends teacher sabbaticals for the upcoming school year, and limits sabbaticals for the following year, to reduce the number of teachers out of the classroom.

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West Contra Costa teachers agreed not to strike this week after the district promised to increase COVID safety measures.

The district said it will provide KN-95 masks daily to all students and staff, and daily COVID tests will be available at all 54 schools.

The agreement also increases pay for substitute teachers and staff who volunteer to fill in for sick co-workers. Teachers still need to approve the deal, according to the district.