'People just have to grow up': Fans call for more accountability as fights occur during sport games

Two fans are in hot water after allegedly being involved in a "physical altercation" during a San Francisco 49ers game at Levi's Stadium last month. 

Santa Clara police are searching for a man and a woman and asking the public for their identities. 

Police said they need their identities to proceed with "criminal accountability" over an incident on Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. Police said the pair are also banned from future events at Levi's Stadium.

According to police, they responded to the interior section of the stadium over a reported fight between multiple people. One of the people allegedly involved was arrested and charged with assault and battery after they allegedly attacked two separate victims. 

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"People just have to grow up. Point-blank, period. Got to grow up. Learn how to handle your liquor," said Sal of San Francisco.   

Santa Clara police did not say if alcohol was a factor in this latest incident. Some fans who spoke with KTVU Sunday at Levi’s Stadium say they feel safe while at the games, but they’d like to see fans hold themselves more accountable.  

"It’s just on people to not be stupid, honestly. I don’t know that anything should really be done. We got those guys from last week or whenever it was on camera. I can’t believe they’re still out there," said Riley from San Francisco.   

Back in August, another fight broke out in the stands at Levi’s Stadium. The video shows people wearing 49ers jerseys fighting during the brawl as multiple people, including security, tried to break it up.  

"I mean that’s the only thing you can do, more security. Then you need to have people that are around stop this," said Sheila Rains of Fremont.    

"I think it’s horrible, especially for the kids who have to watch that," said La’Tanya Robinson of East Palo Alto.    

Police say anyone found in violation of Levi’s Stadium Code of Conduct may be permanently banned from events there. In the meantime, a pair of sisters told KTVU they want to focus on enjoying the game and the rivalry between the 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. 

"We’ve been watching the Cowboys since we were a young age, and she’s 12 years older than me, so she should know better!" said Rains. 

"I’m 12 years older than her, but I was born and started being raised in San Francisco. That’s why I’m a 49er," Robinson said.   

Anyone who recognizes the pair is asked to contact Sgt. Williams with the Santa Clara Police Department at (408) 615-4813. Anonymous reporting is also available through the tip line at (408) 615-4TIP (4847).