Sen. Sanders draws thousands of supporters to Fort Mason in San Francisco

Thousands of people showed up for Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign rally at Fort Mason in San Francisco on Sunday.

The crowd started forming early for the senator.“I got here at 8pm, ran and got some food, and came back at 9 o’clock and I haven’t left since then,” said Alekz Londoz of Santa Cruz. 

Many in line were supporters of Sanders since his first presidential campaign in 2015. This time, they see sanders as the Democratic front runner and consider him to be the most authentic candidate. 

“Finally, there is someone running that I trust. And his message, everything he’s talking about just resonates with me,” said Judy Canham.

“I feel like he voted on the things he talks about. If you look back at his history – 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, he actually voted on the things he talks about now,” said Andre Nelson of Hayward. 

On stage, Sanders went through his progressive agenda, calling for free education, guaranteeing healthcare as a right and reforming the criminal justice system. 

“The criminal justice system remains significantly racist. When we talk about justice, we are talking about ending institutional racism in all its ugly forms,” said sanders.

He showed a toughness talking about ending gerrymandering and voter suppression.

“That is political cowardice. And I say to the republican governors who are trying to keep people from voting: “If you don’t’ have the guts to engage in a free and fair election – get the hell out of politics,’” said sanders.

And sanders laid out his administrative plan which includes a federal jobs guarantee.

“We need hundreds of thousands of qualified daycare workers. If you look at a school system, we need great teachers out there. Well paid teachers. / we need to transform our infrastructure. We need to transform our energy system,” he said.