SF-Marin Food Bank packing food for Camp Fire victims

At the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank Thursday, dozens of volunteers were busy packing up apples and other fruits, vegetables and groceries.

Typically, all the food would go to those in need locally. But much of this food is headed to the fire victims in Butte County.

"Sorting it, boxing it up so that a church can take a box full and take it back to people they are assisting in Butte County. Another box might go to a school," said Maria Stokes of the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

Come Saturday, all the pallets on several shelves are set to be loaded onto an 18-wheeler, and then delivered to a distribution point in Chico.

"Families are starting to be able to cook for themselves. So there's a lot of fresh produce going.

Eggplant, apples that you saw. We also have a lot of package goods. A lot of people don't have kitchen facilities so we have pop top cans," said Stokes.

The total shipment is expected to 12.5 tons of food. Volunteers say they are happy to help.

"For people who lost their homes, everything they own, this little bit can go a long way. So my being able to do the little things and help package it. Make sure they have good produce. It's my way of giving back," said Zakiya Loggins. 

The San Francisco- Marin Food Bank serves 140,000 meals a week. 

Other Bay Area food banks have been sending shipments f groceries to the fire victims, people who are having a difficult time getting to stores.

For the food bank, the holiday season is also the fund raising season. It is hoping to raise several million dollars over the next few weeks to cover next year's budget.