San Francisco nail salon targeted by burglars 3 times in 5 months

A nail salon owner in San Francisco is pleading for burglars to stop targeting her business. 

Wendy Nguyen has owned The Final Touch 2 on busy Presidio Avenue in the Laurel Heights neighborhood for ten years.
She said her shop has been burglarized three times since July.

Surveillance video showed one suspect breaking in through the front door after shattering the glass. Then a second suspect follows.

"I was sad, surprised and disappointed and angry," Nguyen said.

The latest break-in took place Monday at 3:45 a.m. and the thieves took more than 60 bottles of gel nail polish, manicure tools, and a credit card machine, she said. But Nguyen managed to keep her doors open despite the setback.

"I love what I'm doing and again, I can't close.  I have to support my family," Nguyen said.

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These burglaries come at a difficult time. Business is still down 40 percent compared to before the pandemic. And the holiday season is a busy time. 

Nguyen said during the first burglary nothing was stolen.  In the second incident, a candy jar and a speaker were taken, oddly enough. She then installed surveillance cameras. 

Since nothing of great value was taken each time, she suspected she may be targeted because she's Vietnamese.

"I keep asking why.  Why is it me? My nail salon is small.  It's not fancy," said Nguyen. 

Some loyal customers shared her suspicion.

"Don't see it happening to other businesses in the neighborhood. It's just real disappointing," said neighbor Libby Canep, who has been a client for the past seven or eight years.

Police have not said what a possible motive may be. 

Nguyen said she's grateful for the support she's received from her clients and the community. She said she plans to put in additional security measures, and is determined to keep her business open. 

She has a message for the burglars.

"Please stop. Don't do this again. It's very difficult," Nguyen said. "I want to take care of my family,"  

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