SFPD to hold community meeting on upcoming unsanctioned 'Hill bomb' event

Smoke or tear gas is thrown at the Dolores Park Hill Bomb event. July 8, 2023 Photo: AIOFilmz 

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott is planning to hold a community meeting July 1 for those concerned about an upcoming, unsanctioned ‘Hill Bomb' skateboarding event. 

Scott wrote in an email sent to media outlets that "anonymous organizers" posted to social media about a hill bomb event set for July 6. 

"Unfortunately, the organizers have never sought a permit or reached out to SFPD or the City. It is an unsanctioned and underground event that involves individuals blocking streets and perilously skateboarding down the roads around Dolores Park." Scott added that there have been deaths and injuries related to the event in years' past. 

Last year, the event devolved into violence and chaos. There were mass arrests with as many as 81 minors and 32 adults taken into custody.

San Francisco Police Department's response to the event was widely criticized as being heavy-handed and the city is now subject to a civil rights lawsuit because of some of those arrests. Mission Local reports a federal judge's recent ruling could allow more than one hundred young people to have their day in court over how police handled the situation. The outlet reports that three teens are suing the dept. for civil rights violations. 

In the aftermath of the event, community members gathered to rally at a police commission meeting. A mother of someone who got caught up in the crowd at the event, a self-described ‘Hill Bomb Mom’ named Lisa said at the time that kids were zip tied by police, not allowed to make phone calls and that bathrooms were not available on the night of the arrests.

"Kids peed in buckets. Girls peed their pants. No water. No food. At some point, they were forced to stand up and at one o'clock in the morning, a Muni bus came and took them to be booked," the mother said at that rally. 

Scott defended his department's response and noted how property was destroyed, including the tagging of Muni vehicles, which amounted to $70,000 in damage. The chief added that the crowd launched fireworks and other objects at officers. 

In his email on Friday, Scott said the crowd did not follow dispersal orders and that the property destruction and violence continued. He said there is still confusion and incorrect information about what transpired on July 8, 2023. 

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A large police presence appears at the Dolores Park Hill Bomb event. July 8, 2023 Photo: AIOFilmz

"So far, the SFPD has not seen any evidence that the event organizers have sought to obtain permits, contacted SFPD or the neighborhood, or proceeded through the normal legal channels," Scott wrote. 

Scott indicated the department plans on working with Mission District residents and the skateboarding community, but did not say, beyond the community meeting, what that outreach might entail. 

During the week, SFPD told KTVU they plan on having additional staffing and resources in place. 

"If anyone chooses to break the law, the SFPD will not hesitate to make arrests," said SFPD spokesperson Eve Laokwansathitaya. "We will do the same this year if necessary."

Aside from the warning to lawbreakers, SFPD had this advisory for parents: "Parents should be aware of their children's whereabouts and understand the consequences of committing crimes like violence and vandalism."

The community meeting is set for July 1 at 5 p.m. at Mission Dolores Academy Auditorium at 3371 16th Street. 

Andre Torrez is a digital content producer for KTVU. Email Andre at andre.torrez@fox.com or call him at 510-874-0579. 

Photos of vandalized Muni vehicles from the Dolores Hill Bomb unsanctioned skateboarding event in San Francisco. (photo courtesy: SFMTA) 

A person tags a Muni bus at the Dolores Hill Bomb skateboard event. July 8, 2023 Photo: AIOFilmz

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