Sick of sideshows, Oakland residents demand speed bumps, other deterrents

Residents of Oakland Hillcrest Estates are demanding that the city install sideshow deterrence devices, like speed bumps, to curb reckless drivers from doing donuts in front of their homes and drawing huge crowds to their neighborhood. 

Specifically, the neighbors want road barriers, which also include devices called safe-hit posts, at the intersection of Skyline Boulevard and Redwood Road, next to Sunrise Senior Living facility.

"It's really dangerous," said a relator who signed the petition but didn't want her name to be used. She added that she'd also like a bigger police presence and stiffer penalties for drivers and spectators.  

As of Thursday, the grassroots petition had collected 400 signatures, with a goal of 500.

"Sideshows can result in property damage, injuries, and even fatalities among participants, spectators, innocent pedestrians and motorists alike. The safety of our community is being compromised due to these reckless activities," the petition states.

Dave Clemes emailed the petition to KTVU, copying the city administrator and councilmembers. 

KTVU reached out to the city manager's office for response on Thursday but did not hear back. 

The city of Oakland is well aware of the problem, and in fact, has been installing such speed bumps and other "street treatments," specifically to slow down sideshow drivers since 2021. 

So far, nine street safety improvements have been installed along such streets as International and MacArthur boulevards, and five more are in the works. 

The city has not publicly said whether these street barriers have had any effect or not. 

Safe-hit post in Oakland's Laurel district.