Stream ‘Beast Beast’ on Tubi in exclusive debut of 2020 official Sundance selection

Tubi, FOX Entertainment’s free streaming service, will exclusively debut the 2020 Sundance selection "Beast Beast" on Feb. 12, the company announced Monday.

Written and directed by Danny Madden and executive produced by Alec Baldwin and Jim Cummings, "Beast Beast" chronicles the lives and trauma surrounding three teenagers living in a quiet Southern town.

"It is a really lovely story about using art and performance through this high school theatre program to help cure problems in the world," Cummings told FOX Television Stations.

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The film follows popular theatre student Krista (Shirley Chen) who finds herself drawn to Nito (Jose Angeles), a new student at her high school who catches her attention with his impressive skating videos. Unbeknownst to her, their lives and that of her gun-loving neighbor, Adam (Will Madden), soon become intertwined — until they reach a breaking point.

Still image from Beast Beast.

"The movie is about gun violence in America, but it’s very a-political," Cummings shared. "It’s a really interesting deep-dive into suburbs in the South and neighborliness, and it kind of shows every side of the issue in an interesting way."

According to Cummings, the filming location of Peachtree City, Georgia played a pivotal role in the movie."It is the director Danny Madden’s home town, and we shot much of the film in his mom’s living room," Cummings revealed. "It feels like a really wonderful Southern depiction of a young love."

"Beast Beast" captures adolescence in a time period when technology and social media shapes and influences its characters.

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"All three of the main characters use videos of themselves and post them to the internet," Cummings said. "I think the movie does a really good job at showing the horns and halos of the internet."

The film, set to be released on Feb. 12 on Tubi, was an official selection at SXSW and also received the Grand Jury Prize at Champs-Elysees Film Festival’s US In Progress.

"We’re thrilled that Danny Madden’s critically-acclaimed coming-of-age story has found a home with Tubi," said Adam Lewinson, chief content officer for the company, said. "We’re proud to support talented filmmakers like the Beast Beast team as we expand our growing indie library with premium titles and help these incredible films reach broader audiences."

Still image from movie Beast Beast

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