Study shows fewer Californians embracing booster than initial vaccine shots

As the omicron variant spreads throughout the state only 38% of vaccinated Californians have reportedly received the booster shot.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, fewer people are embracing the booster than their initial doses. The report showed the Bay Area averaged the highest rate at 55%, while some rural counties are reported as few as 23% of vaccinated people got boosters.

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"I do think there’s been some fatigue after nearly two years of this pandemic, not just in Imperial County, but everywhere," said Health Officer Dr. Stephen Munday. "People want to get back to their normal lives."

Studies show a booster shot can double protection against infection and is highly effective in preventing severe disease and hospitalization.

Throughout the state most older adults have heeded the advice of health officials, as almost two-thirds have been boosted.

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