Support for the coliseum site as 'best location' for A's new ballpark

Coliseum site courtesy of Google Maps. 

There’s new talk of what’s next for the Oakland A's and their quest for a new stadium following the announcement that Laney College is off the table.

At least two Oakland city council members tell KTVU they want the organization to reconsider a new park at the team's current home.

Noel Gallo and Rebecca Kaplan argue the coliseum site is the best location – noting freeway and mass transit access.

“I continue to support the coliseum site as the best location for the A's,” Kaplan said. “It has BART and freeway access and already completed environmental clearance - and we already own the land.”

Last week, the Peralta Community College District's board of trustees decided to break off discussions with the team on land the district owns near Laney College. 

We reached out to the A's to see if they're going to take another look at the 130-acre coliseum site for their new park, but we’ve not heard back.             

Noel Gallo says the door is still open for the Coliseum site. “We’ve always believed that this was going to be their home and that they’ll stay there,” Gallo said. “It benefits Oakland and it benefits the A’s.”