Suspect captured on video setting Pittsburg home on fire

An arsonist in Pittsburg has been caught on home surveillance video. The man seen covering his face, walks up towards the garage, and heads straight for the front door. 

About 30 seconds passes, before the man is seen running away. You can also see the red glow of the fire that was just set, reflecting onto the home across the street, where the family's grandmother

"He got out, came to the doorway then he ran fast and he got into his car. Then I saw the flames shoot up high and I said, 'OMG the kids,'" said granny. 

You can almost see the getaway vehicle on the video, described as a silver or gold colored car. 

"My mom sees the whole thing, runs over and pounds on the door. At the same time my alarm is going off. That alone saved our lives," said the homeowner, Joe Ortiz.

Ortiz and his teenaged son's quick thinking likely saved their home.

"I opened the door, ball of fire, jump over it and grab the hose," said Ortiz.

He said they doused the flames and put it out just before fire crews arrived. 

The front door is now scorched and windows are damaged. 

Ironically, the stature of the Virgin Mary is completely untouched while everything around it melted or burned. 

"He just comes in and interrupts our life. We're just working people and have no clue who this person is and why they would do this to us," said Ortiz. 

They says it's unsettling, knowing the suspect is still out there and that they were targeted, at 1:30 in the morning while the family was sleeping. 

"The investigator has determined it was an arson fire. We have collected evidence and were on the process of evaluating that evidence now," said Contra Costa Fire Protection District PIO, Steve Hill. 

The family says the bottle he had in his hand was left at the scene. They're hoping it's the link that will lead to the suspected arsonist. 

The family says their older son's car was set on fire early Monday morning. There's no word yet if the two fires are connected.