Suspect identified in armed Gilroy standoff with law enforcement

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office has released the name and charges of the suspect who allegedly fired at police during a standoff that lasted for hours on Sunday in Gilroy.

Vincent Martinez, 35, is being charged with attempted murder on a peace officer, assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, and felon in possession of a loaded firearm. 

The showdown between Martinez and Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputies began yesterday morning around 8 a.m. when deputies arrived to conduct a welfare check at the residence. Martinez began firing at the deputies from inside the residence, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office alleges. 

At one point during the exchange of gunfire, flames could be seen coming from the home, although officials are not yet certain what caused the fire. 


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As the building began to smolder, Martinez exited the residence while holding a handgun and headed for an armored vehicle occupied by officers, according to a press release from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. A Campbell Police officer then shot Martinez. 

"At one point during the exchange of gunfire from the suspect, one officer from a neighboring law enforcement agency fired one shot and struck the suspect," Russell Davis, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, said during a press conference. 

Martinez was transported to a hospital where he was described as being stable. A Sheriff's deputy was shot during the standoff and was also listed as stable. 

"I am very proud of all the deputies and law enforcement personnel from this incident. All deescalation measures were properly used in attempts to provide a safe outcome from this critical incident," Santa Clara County Sheriff Robert Jonsen said in a press release.

The Sheriff's Office has not yet released a motive for Martinez firing at the deputies.