Taco Bell rumored to be removing popular menu item

FILE - Taco Bell logo is seen in Mountain View, California

The rumors of the Quesarito’s demise may or may not be greatly exaggerated.

Fans of Taco Bell’s burrito/quesadilla combo may need to brace themselves. Rumors have surfaced on the Internet that the fast-food franchise may be removing the popular item from its menu and social media is not happy about it.

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The unconfirmed reports say that along with the Quesarito, all potato items, the Beefy Frito Burrito, the Triple Layer Nachos and the Nachos Supreme may soon be removed from the menu, Business Insider reports. This rumor comes as several other fast-food chains have simplified their menus in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement to Fox News, a spokesperson for Taco Bell simply said, “We are in the process of evolving our menu to simplify operations and make our team member and customer experiences easier. We’ll have more to share with you soon.”

While this confirms that changes to the menu are coming, it’s still unclear what exactly that entails.

Regardless, social media users were quick to react to potential changes.

As one user put it, “Taco Bell discontinuing potatoes and the quesarito has officially cemented this year as the worst.”

“First they came for the power burrito and I said nothing, for I did not order the power burrito,” added another. “Now they've come for the quesarito, and there is no one left to speak for me.”

One user summed up their feelings about the rumors by writing, “We’ve suffered enough this year. Please don’t get rid of the quesarito.”