'Nobody feels safe': Upset Oakland residents question Alameda County DA and police at safety meeting

It was emotional and tense at times during Thursday night's public safety meeting in Oakland's Montclair neighborhood as Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price was joined by Oakland Police and the Alameda County Sheriff's Office to answer questions on public safety.

A group of passionate residents lined up around the block to get in. At one point, community members took over the meeting and loudly voiced their concerns about a rise in violence and the lack of prosecution in Oakland.

"While I'm driving, I'm pulled out of my car at gunpoint. What are we doing to address this? How do we solve this? Nobody feels safe," said one woman who spoke at the meeting. 

Tensions ran high as audience members questioned DA Price and Oakland Police Captain Clay Burch about crime prevention and holding criminals accountable.

Police said on Thursday arrests have been made in some carjacking cases, including an attempt caught on video along Skyline Boulevard, adding it may help to solve others cases.

"This is an example of what I hear almost every week, almost every other day. We're out there constantly. We're using technologies. We're hoping to solve the suspect in your case.  Oakland PD is not asleep," said Captain Burch.

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Price was questioned about not charging nine juveniles who were taken into custody for a number of robberies in recent months.

She says the victims are unable to identify their attackers, and it was a seasoned deputy in her office with 20 years of experience who determined whether to bring charges.

"The deputy makes a reasonable judgment that we could not prove those cases without a reasonable doubt, and it's our understanding that the cases are still under investigation," Price said.

Police said it's the probation department, not the DA's office that is in charge of assessing juvenile offenders.

People were lined up outside the meeting for more than an hour before the meeting, wanting the chance to ask questions and be heard.

"Pamela Price needs to understand that there must be consequences when there are assaults on people in their city," Barbara Hoffer said, adding she was assaulted during an attempted robbery along with her friend.

"They just drive around and pick a victim. It's getting scary. I'm fearful," said another woman who attending the meeting.

The two-hour meeting started late, which resulted in some residents not being able to speak.  

Another community meeting is scheduled for September 9 at 12 p.m. at Genesis Worship Center in East Oakland. 

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