That Kid's Got Game: 5th grader wins 3-point contest, gets praise from NBA All-Star

A fifth grade basketball player with an unbelievably smooth shot recently participated in a three-point competition with athletes that were all older than him. And he won.

Landon Spicer, 10, of Mississippi, put on a performance at the Flight School Academy Middle School Combine that went viral and had the basketball community talking. His stroke was so smooth it garnered attention from NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook, who gave Landon props on his Instagram account. And now Landon’s this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game. 

The youngster was asked what he does better than any other player. “Shoot,” he said confidently.

But according to those who witnessed him ball at the combine, Landon’s game includes far more than a jump shot. The video was shared by Felix Rogers of “In The Gym Hoops.” He was quick to highlight Landon’s dribbling and shooting performance when competing against sixth, seventh and eighth grade kids. 

Video shared with KTVU shows Landon playing hard against boys much bigger than him and it confirms Rogers’ assessment. Landon has solid dribbling skills for his age and he fearlessly matches up against his competition, made evident by a hard charge from an opponent who drove to the basket. 

Mobile users watch Landon's TKGG debut here

Sports offer a tremendous opportunity to challenge yourself mentally and physically. There’s an enormous amount of benefits, from improved mood and better sleep, to enhanced concentration and more confidence. And with kids, it can teach valuable skills in teamwork, leadership and communication. But at a base level, sports should be fun. That’s why the simplicity of Landon’s take on the sport is perfect. 

“It’s just a fun game,” he said. 


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