That's not rain, it's falling ash!

Trucks are on fire in a parking lot in Vallejo because of the Glen Cove Fire. Oct. 27, 2019

That's not rain, it's falling ash!  

Because of the Kincade Fire raging in Sonoma County and fierce winds carryng debris, smoke and ash blanketed the region and beyond.

A weather monitor at the Sonoma County Airport thought all the gunk was rain.

But the National Weather Service quickly clarified that discrepancy. 

"If you're checking weather conditions in Sonoma, the airport is incorrectly reporting rain," the National Weather Service tweeted at 8 a.m. Sunday. "It's obviously not raining, but most likely particulate matter interfering with the sensor."

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District said on Sunday that the air was "good to moderate" in the Bay Area despite the raging Kincade Fire because the winds were actually pushing the smoke out of the region. 

However the district said crews were monitoring the air quality because of the Vallejo fire. 

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