Vallejo cops disciplined in two cases, records show

Two Vallejo police officers were disciplined for improper conduct in separate cases, according to records released Wednesday by the department.

In one case, Officer Colin Eaton - one of six officers who shot and killed Willie McCoy in a Taco Bell drive-thru in 2019 - was faulted for swearing at a suspect and putting his foot on the man's head a year later.

That incident was caught on body-camera video.

The suspect in question was accused of exposing himself. Eaton can be heard on the footage telling the man, "I will f - you up" before putting his foot on the man's head for more than a minute, after he had already been restrained on the ground. 

Eaton was suspended without pay for 80 hours.

In a second case, then-Sgt. Rob Greenberg was disciplined for using derogatory language and conduct unbecoming when he told a detective in a phone call, "I don't think Black Jesus can save this place," referring to Chief Shawny Williams, who is Black. 

Greenberg told a police investigator that his remark wasn't meant to be offensive. Greenberg has since left the department and is now working as a Solano County district attorney's investigator.