Vallejo store owner in critical condition after being shot in robbery

A Vallejo store owner is in critical condition after being shot during a robbery.

The robbery happened Tuesday night at the Dollar Plus and Party Supplies store on Sonoma Blvd.

Surveillance video obtained by KTVU shows two armed men walking into the store. One man brandishes a rifle at a woman behind the counter who is the owner's sister. The other man opens fire on owner Marc Quidit, 49, who may have also fired a weapon at the intruder, his family says.

The owner's wife, who did not want to be photographed, says this isn't the first time their store has been robbed.

 "They just want easy money from everybody that working hard. It's not right. We are working hard. Why they do that, I don't know," said Nina Quidit.

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The couple has three children. 

So far, Vallejo police have made any arrests or detailed the circumstancse leading up to the shooting.

Anyone who witnessed the robbery is asked to contact the Vallejo police.