Vandals repeatedly target San Francisco ice cream shop

Vandals have repeatedly struck a San Francisco ice cream parlor, now that ice cream parlor is striking back. The shop's owner has put out video and stills of the suspects, and is offering a $2,000 reward for more information.

The owner of Xanath Ice Cream on Valencia Street says it's going to cost thousands to replace the glass that has been vandalized. The owners also say if these so-called artists are putting their work on display, they want to be sure the public knows exactly who they are. 

The shop in San Francisco's Mission District specializes in organic sweet treats, but, Cameron Collier who works at Xanath says the windows in front have struck a sour note.

"It's affecting the community, it's affecting how our shop looks and again, it's just not a good first impression for tourists who are coming in," said Collier.

In August 2018 vandals strolled by the shop, stopped and etched the windows apparently with some kind of acid. The shop's surveillance cameras captured sharp images of the group of three men.

Then in September of this year, a vandal struck again, etching the windows and using some kind of adhesive to seal the door shut. Cameras were running then too and captured images of the vandal wearing a gray jacket with the hood pulled over a ballcap.

"I honestly have no words for it, just because of how bold they were to do it. You know? No hesitation," said Collier. "It's not a pretty picture to really see."

The businesses owner has said it will cost $6,000 to repair all the damage, which would make these felony vandalism cases.

San Francisco police confirm they are aware of the vandalism, say they're investigating, and say the video of the suspects will be useful in tracking them down.

"The video is always important in an investigation," said Officer Adam Lobsinger from the San Francisco Police Department. "And on top of that, the video is also  important for the prosecution once we do this person."

Inside Xanath, workers say they have no idea why vandals would target this little shop. "We have no reasons as to why it's happening other than someone just trying to have some sort of sick fun," said Collier.