VIDEO: 'Sideshows,' erratic driving on South Bay freeways and city streets on Halloween

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Several ‘sideshows’ took place all over Santa Clara County on Halloween, including on freeways and city streets. 

San Jose police sent up a helicopter and the pilot reported back to officers on the ground where groups were gathering and drivers were maneuvering their cars.

VIDEO: Halloween 'sideshow' in San Jose

Some of the biggest, where cars were circling around doing donuts, were in San Jose on Gish Avenue at US Highway 101 near Oakland Road. Some were captured on video, where cars are whipping around, surrounded by people at 1 a.m. Thursday.

Later, there was an accident at Curtner Avenue under State Route 87. The driver attempted to flee in another vehicle, but was stopped and detained by sheriff’s deputies.

San Jose police and the California Highway Patrol said they had intelligence that sideshows would be occurring and so they were prepared. They  had a large law enforcement response to the sideshows because they’re dangerous.

 “You’re putting yourself at risk,” said CHP Sgt. Daniel Hill. “You’re standing around vehicles doing erratic maneuvers with drivers who are not professionals, and could potentially cause injury or death. So, we highly encourage people not to come to these events. It’s not worth it. You could be charged with a misdemeanor, your car could be towed away, and it’s not really worth it.”
 The CHP made two arrests and impounded two vehicles for 30 days.

One of those arrested is believed to have been a spectator at the sideshow, who was later seen driving erratically on the freeway.

San Jose Police Sgt. Enrique Garcia said the department issued three citations. No arrests were made and no vehicles were impounded.