Woman and two children found dead in Fremont apartment

Yellow tape surrounded the apartment complex where Fremont police officers made a tragic discovery Monday afternoon.

Police say someone called about 1:00 pm asking officers to check an apartment on the 40000 block of Inglewood Common.

Police say they found one woman and two children, a young girl and a boy, dead inside. The children appeared to be under ten years old.

"Speaking to witnesses, speaking to family members, or friends trying to paint a picture on what happened," said Lt. Paul McCormick, a Fremont Police Department spokesperson.

Crime scene investigators used a scanning device that can capture images and create a 360-degree replica of the scene.

Police say they believe the woman lived in the apartment. They said they were not looking for a suspect and did not believe there was a threat to the public.

Neighbors say it is rare to see so many police officers in this area.

"We haven't had any problems in this area, it's quiet. The neighborhood's quiet. We never have any problems it surprised me," said Peter, a neighbor who only wanted to be identified by his first name.

Some people arrived saying they were relatives, but didn't want to talk on camera.

"We'll be working with the coroner's office to determine a cause and manner of death. Any kind of evidence like cell phone video or ring video, we've asked the public if they have any video of the area to please make that available to detectives upon request," said Lt. McCormick.