Woman robbed of dog at gunpoint in Oakland

Police are looking for two suspects who robbed a woman at gunpoint Friday evening in downtown Oakland, before making off with the dog she was walking.

The dog's owner said she was out of town when it happened to her friend who was pet sitting.

"I’m not sure why people do this," said Hannah Nelson, whose French bulldog was stolen. "We just finished dinner and I got a call from my friend who was watching our dog who said that she had just been robbed at gunpoint and they had taken Merlyn, our dog."

Nelson says it happened around 6 p.m. right in front of Modern Times Beer at the intersection of Valdez and 24 streets."I just can’t believe that it happened right outside our apartment," said Nelson.

Nelson's friend told police that two men, dressed in black from head to toe, walked up to her on the street. One allegedly pointed a gun in her face and demanded the dog. Meanwhile the other suspect, grabbed the dog from the ground. Both suspects then ran down the street, before jumping in a car and taking off with Merlyn. 

Nelson said her friend wasn’t hurt during the attack and immediately called police.  

"She’s fine, as good as she could be. I think she’s a little shaken up as well, but I’m glad that she wasn’t harmed physically," said Nelson.

Since getting back to Oakland, Nelson says she’s been doing everything she can to find her Frenchie, which she described as a valuable breed.

Nelson said she's posted to social media, reached out to local veterinarians and shelters. Her family has also helped create a reward for the dog.

Anyone with information on the stolen dog is urged to call Oakland police.