Woman with criminal history accused of impersonating nanny to target Bay Area families is arrested

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A woman with a criminal background accused of impersonating a nanny to target young, affluent families in the Bay Area was arrested Thursday night in the East Bay community of Kensington, Emeryville police said.  

60-year-old Darlene Mariana Monticalvo was taken into custody after her alleged masquerade. 

According to the Emeryville Police Department, Monticalvo assumed the identity of an Emeryville woman who works as a professional nanny, as she interviewed with families in San Francisco.  

When the families investigated Monticalvo they learned she was using a fake identity. The families realized they were dealing with a con artist and alerted police. 

Police were able to identify the woman as Monticalvo from surveillance from one of the family's homes. They say she has 22 prior convictions.  

Monticalvo is also wanted by the Oakland Police Department for several felonies, including injury to a two-month-old child. 

According to police, she has a history of running nanny scams and has been seen in the Contra Costa County area. 

KTVU's Henry Lee contributed to this story.