Goat herder discovers body in creek behind the Oakland Zoo

A man working behind the Oakland Zoo made a disturbing discovery Friday.

The worker found a body in a creek along Golf Links Road around 1 p.m., and police said they are investigating the death as suspicious.

"I just saw what looked like a body. I called the head of zoo security," said the man who asked not to be identified. "He called the police." 

The worker was in a wooded area behind the Oakland Zoo, prepping for fire abatement goats to be brought in at a later date.

"It looks like it's been there a long time," he said of the body.  

The law enforcement presence in the area startled neighbors. One homeowner said they often hear gunshots but that this grisly discovery is disturbing.

"Truthfully, I was traumatized," said a neighbor who asked us not to give her name. "I'm very hurt for the family that has been victimized by whoever has passed away."

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Homicide investigators responded to the scene to conduct a follow-up investigation into the mysterious death. 

Neighbors said they want answers, including if the person was a victim of foul play.

"We are going through so much turmoil and crime," said the woman.   

The worker who made the discovery said the remains were found on city-owned property that's managed by the zoo.

"I've seen a lot in the parks," said the worker. "People live in the parks. Not all that shocking."

Police said it could take weeks before they know the cause of death and the identity of the person found.

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