Oakland A's survey fans on possible move to Las Vegas

Some Oakland A's fans are raising their eyebrows after the team sent out a survey about a possible move to Las Vegas.

"As you may know, in addition to pursuing a new Oakland waterfront ballpark, the Oakland A's are in the preliminary stages of assessing the potential to move the team to Las Vegas," part of the email read.

The team said it's conducting a market research to determine whether there's a strong enough fan base and support for a new ballpark in Las Vegas.

Season ticket holders and A's fans in Oakland, where the team is "Rooted," sounded off on social media.

"You’re really gonna survey fans who have purchased OAKLAND a’s tickets about a ballpark in LAS VEGAS? please, see yourself out. (expletive) abhorrent," @emilyercryer tweeted.

Added Twitter user @dlcpapa3"Are you kidding us? We are rooted in Oakland, I won't go to Las Vegas A's! That don't even sound right. However I will attend Oakland A's games

The franchise sent out a similar relocation survey to fans of the A's minor league affiliate, the Las Vegas Aviators.