Kaiser mental health workers prepare to strike statewide

In the Bay Area, union psychologists, therapists, psychiatric nurses and other healthcare workers will strike at Kaiser facilities in Oakland, Walnut Creek, Redwood City, Santa Clara and San Jose following more than a year without a contract. 

Gregory Adams named Kaiser Permanente CEO

Since 2016, Adams had served as Kaiser's executive vice president and group president, with direct responsibility for health plan and hospital operations in all eight Kaiser Permanente regions.

Planned Kaiser strike postponed following death of Kaiser CEO

A planned five-day strike by 4,000 Kaiser Permanente psychologists, mental health therapists and other medical professionals, originally to have started Monday, has been postponed in acknowledgement of the death Sunday of Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson.

Kaiser workers postpone strike after death of company CEO

Union officials representing mental health professionals at Kaiser Permanente postponed a planned five-day strike across California that was to set begin Monday in deference to today's passing of Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson.