California inflation relief checks almost on the way

Those long-promised stimulus payments for Californians are about to start flowing, adding $10 billion in purchasing power to consumer wallets. 

Individuals making less than $250,000 a year, or a half million dollars as a couple, will get a stimulus check for $200 to $1050.

The exact amount and how soon it comes depends on a formula that considers one's income in 2020 and the number of dependents.

Californians who received the Golden State Stimulus last year by direct deposit will get their stimulus between Oct. 7 and Oct. 25. Everyone else will get their direct deposit between Oct. 28 and  Nov. 14 so long as their banking formation is held by the Franchise Tax Board.

Those who received their stimulus funds on a state-issued debit card will get another card mailed to them between Oct. 25 and Dec. 10 with the funds already on them.

All other qualified recipients will get a debit card by mid-January of next year.

All of this will pour nearly $10 billion into the California economy.

Some Californians said while they welcome the inflation stimulus payments, it's just not enough.

Mandy Reyes said, "It's probably not enough, and it's probably not in time, but I do appreciate something to help out, especially with the gas and all that."

Farmer David Little said, "Where's the money come from? It comes from the people anyway. You're gonna put it into the government and then come back out? And, that seems kind of silly.

His farm, The Little Organic Farm, is facing tough times trying to recover from the pandemic.

"I need more than $200. I have a ‘Save the Farm’ GoFundMe right now. And if I don't get my $6,000 payment in by Monday, they're gonna repossess my tractor," he said.

Deborah Bright says, the state also needs to put more money into the future for education and child development.

"I'm happy to take part in it. I'm gonna be one of the people getting a stimulus check. I could use it to take part in it (education system). But don't forget we have little babies out there who need our help and support," said Bright.

Click here for more information from the California Franchise Tax Board.