Campbell man honored by police for thwarting potential mass shooter

A Campbell man hailed a hero, was recognized this week for his quick thinking.

Farukh Mamedov could never have imagined a 911 call would lead to his standing at Campbell City Hall to receive the highest award the Santa Clara County district attorney can present to a citizen.

"I don’t really think I did much. I just feel like the officers did a great job," the shy and soft-spoken Mamedov said as he stood in the chamber in front of officials and family members of some of the victims of the June VTA mass shooting attack.

Just after midnight, July 9, Mamedov made an emergency call and told dispatchers he saw a man prowling in an ally on East Sunny Oaks Avenue in Campbell.

"He was looking at storage areas that we have at my work," said Mamedov.

Two Campbell police officers, Bonnie Brannen and Scott Buckovic (who also received awards), arrived minutes later. They stopped 32-year-old Wesley Martines, and after a search of his vehicle, arrested the Los Gatos resident.

"The recognition we’re giving today is a perfect example of the partnership the Campbell police department has had with our community," Campbell Police Dept. Chief Gary Berg said on Wednesday.

Investigators said Martines, had two AR-15 assault weapons, a 9 millimeter handgun, body armor, and the makings of a pipe bomb.

There were also journals containing plans to commit violent crimes against Jews and African-Americans. And also rounds of ammunition, with inscriptions.

"To a widow, from the grim reaper. A good start. First of many. And heard round the world," Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said as he read the inscriptions.

Mamedov said he’s relieved Martines wasn’t able to carry out his plot.

"I’m very glad that I called it in cause I’m sure it saved a bunch of lives and prevented a major tragedy," said Mamadov.

The district attorney agreed, adding everyone is on the front lines in preventing mass shootings and violence.

"You don’t have to be a cop a firefighter or a superhero to save innocent lives. You just need to call 911 when you see someone armed and dangerous," said Rosen.

Mamedov was presented with a medal, which he said he’ll display in his office, and flowers. But the flowers will eventually fade, and medals can be overlooked. But the district attorney said no price can be placed on the lives that were not taken due to a simple phone call.

"Please don’t close your eyes and ears to trouble," said Rosen.