Colder weather on the way, freeze warning issued for Bay Area

With a freeze warning in effect until Thursday morning, one man in Morgan Hill says he’ll do what he always does when it gets icy: bundle up.    

"The secret is not what you wear, but how many layers you wear. You know if you wear two or three extra layers…it makes all the difference," said Benjamin Sheppard of Morgan Hill.     

Sheppard is sitting outdoors at Crafty Roots on Monterey Highway, even as the temperature continues to drop. The bar and restaurant staff there say they make it point to keep it warm indoors and use heating lamps to serve people sitting outside, especially during winter cold spells. 

"Of course, I’m wearing sweatshirts and sometimes gloves, if it’s that cold, or a rain jacket. But we just try and stay warm ourselves and keep the good service going," said Brittney Secolo, a server at Crafty Roots.    

Whenever a freeze warning is issued, keeping your family and pets in an insulated, warm area is crucial to making it through a cold night. Johnson Garden Center in Morgan Hill says there are also ways to keep your outdoor plants safe from being damaged by freezing weather. 

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"If you’re not able to bring them in, you can definitely bring them on a back patio, into a garage, and if they’re still too big…you make sure to deep-root water them, they’re definitely going to have a better chance of getting through this cold weather," said Ashlee Luberto, General Manager of the Johnson Garden Center.   

Luberto also suggests using a frost-protection blanket along with watering the plants. This customer says she just bought a house in Morgan Hill and didn’t know there was so much to learn about plants and protecting them from the cold.  

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"It’s just completely new to me, and so I don’t know how the weather is going to affect all this but again, just experimenting and having a lot of fun with it," said Salpy Ecityan.    

So again, remember to bring your plants inside, and keep your pets indoors. This freeze warning also includes San Jose along with the Santa Clara Valley area.