College football star goes from on the field to 'In The Streets'

Fellonte Misher lived the dream of many athletes. He was a college football star and went on to play pro overseas. 

While he excelled on the field, he says the stats were a way to hide his trauma: trauma from experiencing gun violence on the streets of Washington D.C. 

When he returned from playing internationally, he met Dr. Sangeeta Prasad, a psychologist who has spent much of her career studying and focused on addressing racism in clinical practice.  Together with longtime community member LaToya Walker, they founded "In the Streets," a non-profit designed to connect underserved, Black communities with health services, delivered by people in their community.  

The non-profit is "working to change the landscape and allow physical and mental health resources to be as available to the Black community from all socioeconomic backgrounds as it is to everyone else. In The Streets aims to show how the services of well-trained community-based social workers, psychologists, yoga instructors, and healers can impact the Black community, particularly when they represent the communities they serve."

The co-founders hope to encourage other leaders and clinical health professionals to engage and address trauma in their own communities. 

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