French bulldog stolen from front yard reunited with San Jose family

Cameras were rolling when someone grabbed a French bulldog from the front yard of a home in an East San Jose neighborhood.

But a day later, the dog named Chula has been reunited with her family. 

"I'm happy. I can't believe she's back so fast," said Robert Hernandez about his family's beloved pet as he held her in his arm after being reunited.   

He and his daughter Isabel shared with KTVU surveillance video they said was from Wednesday night about 8 o'clock

It shows a man kneeling down looking through the fence at the dog. Then a second man jumps over the fence, grabs the dog and  hands her off. 

He turns around and tries to grab a second dog, but it appears that dog eluded him.  Both men take off. 

Isabel spoke to KTVU before Chula was found.

"It makes me very angry that somebody can come into my home and take something so special to me," said Isabel. 

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But father and daughter said about 7 o'clock Thursday night, they received a call from a young couple looking for their missing cat less than a mile from the Hernandez home.

The couple said they saw a French bulldog , shivering, but safe,  along the sidewalk and recognized it as being the same dog reported stolen on a neighborhood app.   .

Hernandez said he doesn't think the thieves had second thoughts and dumped the dog,

"I don't think they dumped her. She might have squired her way out. She's got crazy legs. When I try to hold her. It's very hard to hold her, so I'm thinking they fumbled her and might have dropped her, and she took off on them."  When asked what happens next, Hernandez replied, "She gets a good chicken dinner. Feed her well tonight. She'll be watched over."

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The family said they'll be watching over all their dogs closely even though they have a gated front yard.

They had offered a $1,000 reward for the safe return of Chula.

The family said they'll be working it out with the couple who found their beloved dog.