Hundreds of Bay Area students march in San Francisco for climate change action

Hundreds of students from throughout the Bay Area marched up Market Street in San Francisco in the hopes of bringing attention to the environmental crisis. It's a cause they say is far more important than a day in the classroom.

"I really pride myself on being a good student. But the environment, climate change, is a really important topic that I am passionate about," said Marin student Evan Ford.

"I'm supposed to take a test today. I was going to take it next week. My teacher excused me so that's good," said Oakland Student Christopher Soriano.

The students voiced concerns over raging wildfires, drought, hurricanes, and rising sea levels.

"Black communities, indigenous communities are already being affected right now. This isn't something that is new. But it is getting worse," said student Aniya Butler.

The marchers held a die-in in front of the federal building in the South of Market area. They hoped to convince political leaders to do more to combat climate change.

The students weren't alone. There were also teachers here, taking a personal day to champion the same causes as those they teach.

"I felt so strongly that it is really important to do something now. The banner says the future has its eyes on you and I take that really seriously. Because we are talking about whether we are going to have a sustainable future," said high school history teacher Cory Jong.

Students want to see an end to oil drilling and the passage of the Green New Deal.

"We're not here to be quiet. We're here to make a loud noise. We're here to take action," said Soriano.