Marin Water District to consider additional usage restrictions to address drought

In response to historically low reservoir levels and drought conditions, Marin Water's board of directors will vote Tuesday on whether to increase restrictions on water use.

The board will consider restricting spray irrigation to two days per week and drip irrigation to three days per week and mandating covers for recreational pools and spas, officials said.

Officials said Marin Water's reservoir reserves are currently at about 50 percent, the lowest level in 40 years. This time of year, they are typically above 90 percent. 

The board declared a water shortage emergency on April 20 and adopted several water use restrictions. Under those restrictions, Marin Water customers may not wash vehicles at home, power wash homes or businesses, flood their gutters, water grass on public medians or use potable water for dust control, sewer flushing or street cleaning.

Beginning May 20, golf courses will be restricted to watering tees and greens.

The vote on additional restrictions is scheduled during the board's virtual meeting, which starts at 7:30 p.m. Members of the public can attend via the Zoom link available on the district's website at 

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Information on the water use restrictions can be found here.