Parents call for resignation of Pittsburg school board over decision to stick with remote learning

Even though California law allows for in-person classes when counties reach the red tier, not all school districts are comfortable with making the switch just yet.

Pittsburg Unified School District wants to hold off on offering in-person instruction for now. Now some parents want the superintendent and school board to resign.

A handful of parents showed for a picket and protest outside the district Wednesday morning.

The small group expressed frustrations with the superintendent and board over the decision not to resume in-person learning this year. Now the parents want their resignations.

"The kids need to be back in school so they can have that structure, that interaction and their social skills," said parent Cambria Hazard.

Hazard has started a petition citing many scientific experts. "Especially elementary school children who are at such low risk of transmitting the virus to each other and to the teachers, that schools can safely open with masks," said Cambria.

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But the school board voted unanimously to keep learning remote for now.

"Our community has had a high rate of infection. We were one of the top three in Contra Costa County," said school board president Duane Smith. Smith also said surveys and meetings with the wider groups of parents and staff do not support in-school classes right now. "The overwhelming thing is they wanted to wait until we got into the yellow tier; until they felt comfortable sending their scholar back to school," Smith said.

District Superintendent Janet Schulze said she is being guided by science and three overarching principles. "One is the health and safety of our students and our staff and the community. Two, looking at a student-centered approach Three, quality and flexibility, knowing that things are going to change," she said.

Beginning this summer the school district will offer hybrid learning and parents can choose if their child will participate in remote or in-person learning.

"We're going to have summer offerings at all levels," said Schulze. "We'll be able to work out everything just to make sure everything runs smoothly."