Rain returns to the Bay Area this week, rainfall totals still below average

After a brief respite from the past week's atmospheric river soaking, the Bay Area is expected to see showers again on Monday through Tuesday.

A slow-moving cold front lurking north of the region this weekend will be followed by rain and gusts around the rest of the area from midday Monday through Tuesday, the National Weather Service said.

Winds aren't expected to be as strong this time around, but gusts of 25 to 35 mph are possible, and highest elevations could see gusts in the 40-50 mph range.


Heavy rains are not expected, but forecasters said they would watch areas where saturated soil could be an issue. 

Dry weather is expected to return Wednesday night into Thursday and the forecast through Saturday looks to be dry, forecasters said.

The atmospheric river that drenched the Bay Area over three days this week boosted the region's rain totals, but most areas still lag below normal for the Oct. 1-Sept. 30 rainfall year, the weather service said.

San Francisco was at 26 percent of normal before the storm and ended the week with 5.4 inches, or 41 percent of the normal.

The Salinas area gained the most from the passing storm, going from 22 percent of normal to 70 percent with a total 4.4. inches.

The Santa Rosa area had 31 percent of normal before the storm but by week's end had a total 8.32 inches, or 41 percent of normal.

San Jose had 18 percent of normal before but ended with a total 3.8 inches, or 50 percent of normal.

Measurements at Oakland International Airport showed 23 percent of normal before the storm and 4.2 total inches afterwards, or 38 percent of normal.

Bay City News contributed to this KTVU report.