Rally scheduled in support of DA Price at courthouse

Alameda County residents organized a rally in support of District Attorney Pamela Price on Sunday.

The rally was organized by members of the Purple Flag of Justice Club at the Alameda County Courthouse Steps near Lake Merritt. Price herself was a featured speaker at the event. 

This comes just weeks after a scheduled rally in honor of Jasper Wu was organized at the same location by members of the local AAPI community.

At that rally, chants of "recall Price" were heard. Many residents have expressed frustration over her handling of the case against the accused in the Wu case, in addition to a recent controversy of Price requesting to have the presiding judge removed over a triple-murder case.

"We cannot let [the news media] who support policies that result in mass incarceration of black, brown, and low-income people tear down all the hard work DA Price has done in the first 100 days," the flyer said.

Price recently sat down with KTVU to express her views and respond to critics. 

Since starting her term, prosecutors have resigned in protest over changes she has implemented, with one saying she is unable to "adequately and ethically protect the rights of victims" under Price.

The rally began at 4 p.m. on 1225 Fallon Street. KTVU has reached out to both Price and community leaders of the Bay Area AAPI, whose goal is to report and raise awareness of anti-Asian violence and racism.


Protest held in Oakland over DA's handling of Jasper Wu case

A rally is planned Monday in Oakland over the way DA Pamela Price is handling the Jasper Wu case. The toddler was shot and killed on I-880 in November 2021 by a stray bullet and many are worried the three men arrested for the shooting won't face jail time.

Bob Yee, the rally organizer for "Justice for Jasper", emailed KTVU saying: 

"DA Price should do her job, by advocating for the victims rather than advocating for herself.  It’s all about the victims; and not about her.  The community has seen her place child killers first, before victims.  These election-style support rallies are totally about her, and you don't see Brooke Jenkins do that."

AAPI Community Leader Carl Chan shared how he hopes Price will be willing to "work with all people whether they supported her or not," but also how her recent policies are dividing and hurting Alameda County residents.

"The responsibility of the District Attorney is to uphold the law and [bring] justice to the victims of crime and their families…[Price] is decriminalizing the serious repeated offenders by releasing them to the streets, the freeway and all neighborhoods," said Chan. "We have to protect the families of all communities, especially our children and seniors."

Price's office did not respond to KTVU's requests for comments.

O. Gloria Okorie is a digital reporter for KTVU. Email O. Gloria at o.gloria.okorie@fox.com or call her at 510-874-0175. Follow her on Twitter @ogloriaokorie.