Round-the-clock preparations are underway as SF is set to host massive, sold-out surprise rave concert

Excitement was building on Friday night in San Francisco in anticipation of a huge, sold-out rave concert at Civic Center Plaza.  

Crews worked round the clock to set the stage for Saturday's massive event.  

They transformed the area into an immersive experience for music lovers.

Fred Again, a DJ and artist from the U.K., is headlining the concert along with Scrillex.  

"It feels very magical. Also, we're starting Pride month with a banger, said Angelina Polselli, a Fred Again fan who plans to attend the concert.

She said being able to buy tickets online was like winning the lottery.

Organizers said the venue, with the capacity for 25-thousand people, sold out in less than 30 minutes. 

Tickets cost $80 each plus service charge.

"San Franciscans are ready. We're ready to get out there. We're ready to have a good time. We're back baby," said Manny Yekutiel who has tickets to the concert.

He is co-founder of Civic Joy Fund, a nonprofit that supports community events. 
He was not involved in planning this concert. He is attending as a fan.

"I'm a big fan of Civic Center plaza," said Mary Conde, senior vice president with Another Planet, the concert promoter.

She said sales data showed that more than 40 percent of tickets were sold to people who live over 50 miles from the city and 
that people "make a weekend out of it, get a hotel room. They're going to come early. Go out to dinner. Grab drinks."  

Conde said there are economic benefits from using entertainment to re-energize San Francisco. Organizers said 1,000 thousand people are working this event.  

"The stale narrative about San Francisco is b.s.  This city is popping," said Phil Ginsbur, general manager of San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department.

Fans said it's no surprise this event, headlined by Fred Again and Scrillex has mass appeal.

They described Fred Again's music as "crying on the dance floor," mixing spoken word about mental health issues with beats. 
"People are suffering in San Francisco. The city as a whole is suffering. These are joyous events where we are able to come out and just express ourselves,
and be in community with each other," said Polselli

There are a number of street closures.   Organizers urged fans to take public transit.

Gates open at 5pm. The concert is scheduled to take place from 6:30pm to 10pm. 

San Francisco Police said there would be extra officers working at the concert.

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