San Francisco police seek person of interest in racist threats against dog walker

San Francisco police on Friday released surveillance video of a person of interest in the investigation into racist threats against a dog walker.

The video showed what appeared to be a man wearing black clothing and carrying a brown bag while walking down a city street.

The video was taken around the time Terry Williams reported receiving several threats near his home, including a voodoo doll depicting a Black person with a noose around the neck.

Williams said anger kicked in, and he felt frustration and hostility when he saw the surveillance video. 

Last month, there was a fire at Williams' home where he lives with his parents.  

However, police have not said that the fire and the racist incidents are connected.

Police have not identified the person in the video as a suspect in their case, but they want to speak with him. 

Williams said people have questioned him and his 81-year-old father's credibility, saying, "Me and my dad made everything up" and "people who I knew thought I was lying. And it's sad."  

The dog walker said the surveillance video is vindication.  

Williams has this message for the person responsible for the racist incident: "Why? Why would you want to do that? What's the purpose or outcome of this? What did you gain from this?"