Sheriff's office investigating hit-and-run of Arab Muslim student at Stanford

The California Highway Patrol has handed over an investigation into a hit-and-run of an Arab Muslim student at Stanford University who said the driver made a racist remark before running him down.

The Santa Clara County sheriff will lead the investigation, the CHP's Redwood City division said Monday.

Abdulwahab Omira alleges that a driver intentionally struck him with their car and made a racist comment during the incident, which occurred on Friday night.

Omira, a Syrian refugee who arrived two years ago to pursue graduate studies at the university, stated that the driver screamed,  "F--- you and your people" and had "previously shown animosity towards my community."

The university confirmed the driver was seen speeding up before running into Omira, making eye contact with him, and shouting threatening words at him and his people.

Omira, who is Muslim, sustained injuries in the crash and remained hospitalized as of Saturday.

He described the suspect as a white man in his mid-20s with short blond hair, a beard, and glasses. The suspect was operating a black Toyota 4Runner SUV.