Stanford improves HIV 'spit' test

Bay Area scientists say they have developed a needle-free way to test for HIV. Early experiments showed promising results for the spit test. Dr. Dave Seftel is the study co-author and explains these new findings.

Hope for new cancer treatment

Dr. David Miklos from Stanford Health Care Center talks about the hope for a new cancer treatment that would spare patients the ill effects of chemotherapy.

Stanford study examines fake news

Stanford researcher Sarah Cotcamp McGrew spoke to KTVU News @ 4P about a new study that found that a majority of young students were unable to determine the difference between fake news and real news.

Sharon Stone visits Stanford

The actress was there to participate in a symposium designed to raise awareness about sex assaults. Janine De la Vega reports.

Brock Turner jail cell: Raw video

Take a look at where Brock Turner has spent the past several weeks while serving out a sentence related to the sexual assault of a woman.

Brock Turner to be released Friday

The judge at the center of public outrage over his controversial sentencing in a Stanford sexual assault case has launched a website to fight the recall effort. Judge Aaron Persky's campaign comes as Brock Turner is set to be released from jail in three days.

Former Stanford fellow killed in Afghanistan

A man who studied at Stanford as a visiting fellow at Stanford Law School, was apparently killed in the attack on the American University of Afghanistan where he was teaching law, Stanford University announced on Thursday.