Social distancing's impacts on flattening the curve

Dr. Steve Goodman, professor of Epidemiology and Population Health at Stanford University, says data the media is publishing on the new coronavirus infections may be disconcerting because it is not complete enough yet to draw conclusions. But there are signs the curve is being flattened from social distancing.

New Stanford hospital opens doors to patients

Stanford Health Care opened its doors to its new Stanford Hospital on Sunday, starting with an unveiling of an emergency department early Sunday and the transition of patients into the brand-new facility.

Stanford improves HIV 'spit' test

Bay Area scientists say they have developed a needle-free way to test for HIV. Early experiments showed promising results for the spit test. Dr. Dave Seftel is the study co-author and explains these new findings.

Hope for new cancer treatment

Dr. David Miklos from Stanford Health Care Center talks about the hope for a new cancer treatment that would spare patients the ill effects of chemotherapy.