Some Bay Area residents explain why they're comfortable keeping their masks on for now

To mask or not to mask: that is the conundrum. 

Until June 15, Californians live under current California guidelines until much more relaxed federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines take over. 

In Fairfield, caution seems to be the view right now. 

"I don't mind wearing the mask. It's actually healthy with my allergies and I'm not getting sick. So, I think, and we're vaccinated, I think I probably just wear it for a while. If I keep wearing the mask, I probably won't get cold and flus," said Staci Rose. 

"Probably still wear my mask. Just for safety reasons. You're not sure if everyone else got those COVID shots so you just want to be safe," said Sandra Green. "I work at a hospital and we're required to wear masks, so it's just something that I'll probably continue doing because I do it for work and it's become a habit now," said James Rose.

For publicly-owned facilities such as community parks, local health rules will govern. For privately-owned facilities, such as retailers, there will be five likely scenarios; all are subject to local restrictions if any. 

One: everyone masks. Two: employees mask, customers don't. Three: All customers mask, employees don't. Four: Vaccinated customers do not mask, unvaccinated do mask as Walmart, Target and Costco and many others require. Five: Nobody masks.

But take note: after the 15th, if the sign says you must wear a mask, it's their business and you must wear a mask. 

"The same as they are now. You've got to keep your mask on because we don't know who's been vaccinated and who has not been vaccinated," said Jane Wesley of Teresita Floral Creations.

For retailers, it's all about striking a balance between corporate policy and what customers and employees will tolerate. 

"It wouldn't surprise me too that in some cases, businesses, just to be able to again retain customer confidence, you know, not create any kind of adverse situations, could try to take a slow approach to some of this. You know, there will probably be others, on the other hand who are very eager to start moving full speed ahead," said  Steve Baiter of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance.

If and when a new normal comes to be, it will take time as the citizenry requires to make up our joint mind.