Suspect in South Bay crime spree refuses to show for court

The man accused of stabbing three people, multiple carjackings, and running down two others with a stolen car, was formally charged with the alleged crimes on Tuesday. However, the defendant, Kevin Parkourana, was not in court to hear the charges.

"He informed the sheriff’s department he did not want to come to court today. We filed the charges against him," said Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

Parkourana, 31, was charged with 13 counts, including murder, attempted murder, and carjacking. The legal action stems from a violent crime spree on June 1 that spread from South San Jose to Milpitas.


Police investigators said he started by stabbing and carjacking victims at a shopping area near his home in the Blossom Valley section of the city.

He then allegedly drove north in a stolen car, colliding with motorcyclist Winston Waldorf.

"And then all of a sudden, bam! Bike went to the right. I went over the handlebars to the left. Wedged under a car, and just sat there for a couple of minutes," said Waldorf.

Witnesses and police said Parkourana then drove to South 16th and East Santa Clara streets, where he allegedly ran over Hoong Fong Nguyen, 72, and Phuc Pham, 71, in the driveway of their home.

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"Nine people were badly wounded or injured after this random rampage," said Rosen.

Investigators said Parkourana also fatally stabbed 26-year-old Jiwanjot Dhariwal in the 400 block of Jacklin Road in Milpitas. On Tuesday, his family said they are in shock by the horrific loss.

San Jose and Milpitas police eventually arrested the suspect, who was found hiding behind a delivery van in Milpitas.

"It’s clear, that the officers' efforts to locate and arrest him as quickly as they did save more lives," said Rosen.

Neighbors previously told KTVU that Parkourana had a history of mental illness. Legal analyst Steven Clark said that could be key as this case moves through the legal system.

"I think what you’ll see the defense do is begin the reverse engineering of Mr. Parkourana’s mental health history. Is he competent to assist his counsel in the proceedings moving forward? Does he appreciate the legal process going on? And what was his mental condition at the time of this crime spree?" said Clark.

While prosecutors and defense lawyers prepare their cases, one victim who hoped to look his attacker in the eye at court on Tuesday, said he’s not deterred because the accused refused to show. He said he still wants to see justice served.

"I wanted to get a chance to look at him in the eye. But you know, it would mean something to me. It would mean nothing to him," said Waldorf.

Parkourana’s arraignment is continued until Thursday afternoon.

Jesse Gary is a reporter based in the station's South Bay bureau. Follow him on Twitter, @JesseKTVU and Instagram, @jessegontv.