Car collision in San Jose kills 1 and injures 3 others

A two-car collision Sunday in San Jose left one person dead and three others injured, including a child. San Jose police say the person died at the scene.   

Police say this accident happened just after 1:30 p.m. There’s also a school right at the intersection of the crash and neighbors told KTVU they’re concerned because this isn’t the first time a deadly accident has happened here.   

"Cars are constantly running the lights, the speed limit. We’ve had incidents over and over again," said Shirley, who's lived nearby for 17 years.   

Residents who live near Leigh and Fruitdale Avenues say they’re saddened that another tragic car crash has happened at this busy intersection where so many people live and walk the streets. Speed limit signs say drivers should not be going faster than 35 mph.     

"We’re constantly hearing the cars screeching. They’re trying to run that light all the time. I’m surprised because they need to do something because we have a school right here. This is an elementary school, so we need something to happen over here," Shirley said.     


Police said the two cars collided, causing one car to flip over. First responders arrived at the scene and worked to save four people involved in the crash.

One man named Ladisloa said he’s lived in an apartment complex nearby for 16 years and has witnessed several accidents. He says he heard the collision and ran outdoors towards the scene. 

"I came in 15 seconds after the crash happened. I saw the white car on fire. We tried to open the door. There were a bunch of people there helping too," Ladisloa said.    

One person died at the scene, and a man and a woman were transported to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries. One child was also hurt in the accident but is expected to survive. 

Last year, San Jose had more than 60 traffic deaths, a record high, causing city leaders to prioritize road safety projects and funding. People in this neighborhood want to see more drivers slow down.   

"I think it’s all about speeding. You go too fast. You can’t control your car. You don’t have time to react and things happen," said Robert, who's lived in the neighborhood for two years.    

One of the residents also told us they were surprised a crash of this magnitude happened so early in the day because in the past, most of the accidents happened after dark. The San Jose Police Department did not say what may have caused this crash.